Why is the UAE such a magnet for healthcare professionals?

The UAE is in the process of establishing over 20 more healthcare facilities and hospitals over the next couple of years – largely as a result of the 500,000 or so medical tourists that are predicted to travel there before the turn of the decade to seek medical treatment, and the need to be able to cater for them.

As a region, the UAE has benefitted from  major transformation over the past few years, and is now considered an important location in terms of global economics and development. Infrastructure is vast and travel to the region is continually increasing. Furthermore, the expat community is growing at an exceptional rate, drawing people in through the promise of a relaxed lifestyle with access to cutting-edge technology and architecture and a luxurious life.

With the increase in population comes an increase in the demand for healthcare. In 1970 there were just 7 public hospitals, but now there are more than 40. A multimillion dollar initiative was put in place by the Ministry of Health which led to the expansion of medical centers, trauma units and major health and hospital facilities. These all deliver a high standard of healthcare to the UAE population, but bring with them an increased demand for talented healthcare professionals. Competition is fierce, as there are a number of attractions to working in the UAE:

1.Welcoming of other cultures and beliefs

Around 80% of the population were born abroad, making the population as a whole exceptionally diverse. With this comes exposure to numerous cultures and beliefs, which has let to a society that is varied and accepting . Integrating into the UAE is not going to be difficult in the way that it may be in some other locations.

2.Developed healthcare infrastructure

Medical centers in the UAE are modern, accessible and pleasant to work in. You will benefit from advancing your career in an innovative environment, with likeminded individuals who are all concerned with cutting edge healthcare.

3.Western approach to medicine

Hospitals are extremely westernised. The most popular language spoken in them in English, so there are no language barriers for English-speaking healthcare workers. Medicine is taken very seriously and the Dubai Health Authority require anyone practicing to have the most up-to-date and relevant qualifications from their home country before they are permitted to work in the UAE.

4.Tax-free income

Salaries are good for medical workers in the UAE and depending on your home country, they can often be better than you would typically receive at home. In addition to this, income is tax-free so can go even further.

5.Benefits packages

Many healthcare positions come with excellent benefits packages on top of the salary. It is not uncommon to receive annual leave of up to 40 days, health insurance and travel expenses, as well as a host of other benefits depending on the negotiations made during your appointment.


It’s not all about work. During your free time you can enjoy great weather and enjoy excellent dining, shopping and leisure facilities.

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