Substantive Physician RecruitmentSubstantive Physician Recruitment

We place healthcare professionals in substantive physician roles across major services, both privately and in the NHS. As a trusted and respected name in this field, we identify potential candidates that will bring skills to areas where needed and will make a valuable, long-term impact for those they work for. We have long-standing relationships with our clients and are renowned for appointing serious professionals who are looking for permanent positions across major healthcare services.

Permanent placements to meet long-term objectives

As opposed to temporary, or locum positions, substantive recruitment enables employers to plan for the future as part of a wider set of team objectives. Employers are better able to involve permeant employees in the planning and decision making process, meaning that they typically get more of a say in the direction of their own careers. Furthermore, the familiarity of the working environment to the employee will no doubt translate to both fellow colleagues and patients, who will benefit from a more personalized, and often more confident approach.

Experts in Substantive Physician Recruitment

Substantive employment is becoming more appealing for medical professionals. From July 1st 2016, caps on pay have meant that substantive workers should not earn less than temporary, or locum staff. The result in that there is a hugely increased incentive for physicians to now seek substantive work, where they will benefit from job security, knowledge of their workplace and involvement in future planning, without losing the main benefit of increased pay that was previously making temporary work look more appealing. As such, the rise in candidate seeking substantive positions means that there is an even greater pool of talent to research when looking to fill a position.

We believe that a collaborative approach between Global Exec Solutions, as the supplier, the candidate and the Trust or client seeking to employ is the way forward. Clear lines of communication are not only vital for placing the best candidates in the roles to suit both them and their employer, but from a patient safety perspective,  these quality checks ensure that those at the greatest risk are also at the forefront.

Our consultants are leading recruitment professionals, with extensive experience in clinical and substantive physician recruitment. We not only provide market insight with various hard to fill clinical roles, but also provide an in-depth knowledge for how various NHS Trusts in the country are managing such challenges.

Interested in Substantive Physician Recruitment? How Global Exec Solutions can help you:

Database of qualified professionals

We have a wide network of candidates displaying a variety of skills and personality traits. As our candidates for substantive physician roles are personally screened and interviewed, we have a close relationship to them and an awareness of the positions to which they are best suited – thereby giving us the ability to put forward the very best candidates to our clients.

Passionate about long-term objectives

We don’t want to simply fill spaces with candidates that match certain criteria – we want to place those candidates in roles where they are likely to remain, flourish and add value to the organisation to healthcare team they join. Before suggesting a candidate, we speak in depth to our clients about what they are looking to achieve in the future, as well as in the present, so that all planning can be done with the bigger picture in mind.