Clinical & Medical Recruitment (Private)Clinical & Medical Recruitment (Private)

Privately established and funded clinical and medical facilities play a significant role in the lives of those who work for, and use them, where it is vital to rely upon the top professionals who have the required attributes to make the facility at which they are employed a success. Global Exec Solutions provides employment opportunities in the private sectors as well as within the NHS

Payment for privately employed clinical and medical staff

While the NHS is responsible for the majority of the UK’s health services and offers free healthcare to all residents, the private health sector depends upon fees and private payments to fund its workers. There are no pay bands and salaries can vary greatly; often being set at a competitive level to attract the top talent.

Experts in Private Clinical & Medical Recruitment

We partner with some of the most highly-regarded healthcare providers in the UK and Middle-East, supporting candidates who are seeking to develop their skills in progressive and rewarding environment. We constantly seek to discover hard-working, skilled and exceptionally driven individuals who are dedicated and committed to their career.

Private clinical work is varied, as seen by the different types of client we work with. Private services can be planned or unplanned. We place clients in roles within hospitals and clinics, but also within prisons and walk in centers. The variety of job roles means that whatever your personal preferences, we are ideally placed to find the best facility to meet them.

Interested in Private Clinical & Medical Recruitment How Global Exec Solutions can help you:

Global Connections

We work with private clinical and medical facilities across the UK, and in the Middle-East. By widening the potential employment area, we can actively expand the job pool, allowing our candidates access to roles they may not have initially considered, but for which they may be perfectly suited.

Multiple job types

Our clients seek skilled healthcare professionals for a wide range of positions. These could be long-term, substantive posts, though to temporary cover or acting as a semi-permanent locum. We recruit doctors, support staff and other healthcare professionals to these roles, negotiating using the criteria and working times and conditions that best suit them.