Talent Mapping – IdentificationTalent Mapping – Identification

The wide range of candidates available for a position, and the importance that comes from working in a sector so vital as healthcare, make it crucial that the level of analysis to determine suitability is focused, in-depth and targeted. We encourage clients to selectively narrow down specifically what it is they are looking for, to increase their chances of employing the absolute best candidate for any given role.

Strategic talent acquisition

Talent mapping goes beyond the immediate present and analyses the value a candidate will bring to a role moving into the future too. It enables employers to map out their short, medium and long-term strategic direction and leads to a planned recruitment development structure that will fit within the clients objectives over a prolonged time frame. Moreover, by building a talent pool, the client can access this whenever required, and if needs be, with little notice.

Experts in Talent Mapping for the Healthcare Sector

Talent mapping focuses on more than simply the initial exploration into fulfilling an executive role. It delves into the exact needs and wants of the client to build a very specific persona of the ideal candidate to fulfil an objective. Once the qualities, skills and experience of this particular person are known, we can actively target them and approach them with the opportunity. Essentially, rather than wait for a candidate to come to you, you find and approach the right kind of talent yourself.

By focusing only on the present, you would be missing an opportunity to explore the future growth plans for your team. Talent mapping is about attracting, retaining and engaging the best talent, not just now, but who will be instrumental in their involvement in the workforce over the coming years. Taking time initially to examine your needs will enable you to make better informed recruitment decisions, giving you a competitive advantage and ultimately saving you time and money.

Interested in Talent Mapping? How Global Exec Solutions can help you:

Analysis of requirements

Working closely alongside our clients, we objectively examine their present resources to identify the skills they have already and to identify any potential shortcomings in the future. Armed with this knowledge of future talent requirements, we can then identify whether these skills can be met by current employees, or if external recruitment is advisable.

Differentiate potential from performance

We look beyond the present to ensure that existing skillsets are not overlooked. By mapping your present workforce, we can emphasise high performers, but at the same time, can determine if they are equipped for future change. Conversely, present employees may show exceptional future potential, but be underperforming in their present environment.