Clinical Recruitment (NHS)Clinical Recruitment (NHS)

With more than 10 years practical experience working closely within different branches of clinical recruitment within the NHS, Global Exec Solutions have an exceptional track record at placing both substantive talented medical professionals in a wide range of NHS organisations.  By working in close partnership with our clients and candidates, we facilitate the appointment of talented clinical medical professionals to executive points across the board.

Supporting the NHS

By partnering directly with employers, as well as NHS Trust Secretaries, we can cut straight to the needs of the client and immediately come on board with sourcing the skills and talents they need. We regularly attend regional industry events and manage a strong digital presence to continually attract new talent that we can introduce to our clients.

Experts in Clinical Recruitment
within the NHS

The publicly funded NHS is often at the forefront of spending cuts during times of austerity. Shrinking budgets are coupled with increasing populations and with them, an increased expectation of exceptional service. To continue to grow and remain the focal point of British healthcare, it is more important than ever for the NHS to appoint the top talent that will lead from the forefront and drive forward with the long term plans of the NHS to continue to provide exceptional, and always improving, patient care.

Global Exec Solutions work with a broad range of talented healthcare providers, trainers and bodies to source the most exceptional leaders.  This level of talent is not always easy to find through traditional channels, but with our extensive networks and headhunting process, we are able to locate it.

We undertake every search assignment with highest level of integrity and make sure a comprehensive bespoke approach is agreed with you before we commence any clinical recruitment work.

Interested in Clinical Recruitment within the NHS? How Global Exec Solutions can help you:

Thorough understanding of requirements

Both parties are spoken to thoroughly in order to facilitate the most promising relationships. We take time to research the broader aims of the NHS organisation hiring, as well as their working culture and the broader needs of their existing team. We then seek to match these needs with the skills of the candidates we are in communication with. Finally, we assess whether the personal, as well as professional characteristics of both parties would make for a successful working relationship.

Sector knowledge

Our strong links to the health service have given us advanced knowledge in what NHS recruiters need and what clients can do to ensure that they are a strong contender for these roles. We provide strategic advice and support for clients seeking to secure a position in the NHS and can help find the best roles from which to excel.