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Healthcare recruitment faces continual challenges as a result of the increasing changes in daily society. The following key policy drivers are at the forefront of our thinking when speaking to both clients and candidates seeking their ideal roles. Our knowledge of the healthcare industry at its core, coupled with our experience in healthcare recruitment, puts us at an enviable position to see the bigger picture and the potential longer term factors that will affect the future responsibilities of those we place in roles in the present day:

Demographic Changes

The UK is increasing in both size, and average life expectancy. This naturally places extra demands upon the NHS for both space, and treatment. Furthermore, according to projections carried out by Health Education England, the UK population is projected to grow by a further 7% by the year 2022.

Social and Political Factors

The healthcare sector is heavily impacted by structural reform and legislative change. Ideal candidates for healthcare roles today will understand this and have a natural resilience to change. There is always an uncertainty as to whether political changes will bring with them cuts to funding, or the division of funds among a wider area.

Advancing technology

Technological innovation and advances in medical science changes the type of care people receive and the level of demand for certain resources. Alongside this, there is a change in the way in which patient data is handled with the King’s Fund’s major programme of work examining future trends in healthcare predicting that by 2017, the use of electronic records will be routine. Patients are likely to be able to access their own records, and by inference, take more control over their own health.

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